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Great news! One PLANET has joined forces with Save The Planet to form an alliance that is greater in number, greater in energy and synergised in commitment, to take issues affecting the future of Our Planet to the next federal election.
Save Our One Planet Alliance (to be known as ONE PLANET in abbreviated form) now has the numbers needed to seek registration with the AEC as a new political party.
We await the outcome of this process since submitting the application last week, so watch this space!

We thank the Save The Planet committee and their members for taking the leap of faith and joining with us, and look forward to working with this bigger and stronger organisation for better outcomes for Our Planet. Save The Planet can be seen at this website

As part of this process, the two committees worked together to produce a set of SHARED GOALS, agreed upon by both groups, following herewith:

Our "ONE PLANET" shared goals for the 2019 Federal Election

Goal 1 - Global Warming
All levels of government implement, as their number one priority, the restoration of a safe climate and non acidic oceans aiming for pre-industrial levels of greenhouse gases and ocean acidity at emergency speed in order to avoid a ecological and social collapse, while maximising the preservation of human and non human life.

Goal 2 - Environment
Every level of government, under all jurisdictions, (and including at all bureaucratic levels), will ensure all decisions seek to enhance, restore and strengthen the ecosystems of our biosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere, and ensure the processes within them are not interrupted, but can be operative indefinitely into the future.

Goal 3 - Democracy
Enhance our democratic institutions by tackling issues such as undue influence by media, corporations, and major donors; adequate public funding of our democratic processes; lessening barriers to political participation; and developing parliamentary systems that allow for both local representation and proportional representation in all levels of government.

Goal 4 - Economic
Population growth and perpetual economic growth, will no longer be the major objectives of our Government, but instead an alternative economic system that sustains a high quality of life and equality of opportunity for all people on Earth as an ultimate goal.